Mutatis Mutandis

by Capsize

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Inspired by actual events.


released March 28, 2014

Produced by Mute Speaker. All lyrics written and performed by Capsize.
Mastered by Mitch Hosier.

Thanks to Mute Speaker, Addison McNatt, Mitch Hosier, Mike Gubbins, Weston Sparks, and everyone who has booked shows or come out to them. May there be many more. Much love.

Released on Lost Bard Recordings.



all rights reserved


Camp Capsize Nashville, Tennessee

Capsize is an MC from Nashville, TN. Making lyrically dense, stream of consciousness rap, Capsize infuses hip hop with prog rock influences, much of his atmospheric and lyrical inspiration coming from sci-fi/fantasy books and movies. Capsize announced in 2016 his next full length will be a concept album that will be be released with an accompanying comic book. ... more

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Track Name: Inferno
Cosmic radiation. Insatiable inflammation of the faded installations. I smell purity in the fire pit. Hiring highest bidder to nix environment. Roped in to subscribing to dire reliance. Scoped the bridled hydrant, compliant to gilded fixtures. A mixture of ghastly sights and postcard pictures. Fabled elixirs stand as pyramids through peer reviewed periods of conflict, amid peace talks, even when the Tetons are delirious. A tyranny of imperialists goose stepping with a strong arm. Nano bee stinger clashing with a lawn dart. A sod farm for assassins, both plainclothes and extravagant. Magnet for the damage dismantling every palace. No balance. The fallacy padlocked. Gallup hallowed alimony on a grand scale ad hoc. I'm towing more luggage than an overburdened bellhop, an annual crop that yields years of shell shock. But you gotta pickle it in blissful whiskey ignorance, hissy fits are fistfuls of shit and gristle so sentence them to quickly visit an upstate penance with your grimaces. An Iliad illuminates anything worth remembering. Disingenuous sap-sucker coup d'état, the burning sky is falling but you'd think it's fucking Mardi Gras. Hats off to the folks who've kept their lids intact, I'd say I'm about as sane as a turtle on it's back.

"Capsize, why you been so quiet?" I've got a mile a minute mind and I'm trying to override it. "Capsize, why you been so silent?" I'm on course for an inferno, stuck on autopilot.

Shy guys in the driver seat. Let's repeal the deal where they agreed to deceit. Shred the receipt. Receive the heat. Blush and brush it off, turn them back to the sea. Prevailing corsair writes future history, scissors snip the power trip, no sense of misery. Critics are dissidents, prisoners militants. Any docile party is accepted as a citizen.
Track Name: Collapse
Reduce a lucid extract to a sluice on it's back, let the rubble muddle blindly in a grooved tesseract. Strike a match, cast wriggling spindly threads, kindly bend rays so I can inspect his treads. Scalpel. Something just ain't right. Got a hunch that this runt won't make it through the night. Heathen screaming intervene from a ravine in my subconscious. Pluto at the door, knocking a tune despondent. Spreader. Surmise inside a prostrate diorama. Eye of Ra instinct with the violent sayonara. Vying for silent, enlightened, wiser spider status. Fight or flight town crier wound ivy round his abacus. Frothing mutt against Atticus staring down the sights, I find a candid word means little when addressed to frozen pipes. Broken types are recipients for bone saw procedures, fever dreams key in a full body seizure. Help me hold it down now. It's getting undead hectic. Beads drip from my brow. I got a sterile field to plow, nine planets on my shoulders, and a spook in the crowd. Get some staples in his skin. Cleanse of sepsis, seal hermetic, now my patience wearing thin. Took science fiction for a spin. Made a mechanized man after he came to repent.

C-O-L-L-A-P-S-E then bring it up again once the thought's arresting.

I smell smelted metal, as it's smoke ascended to the heavens. Settled out of court, low estimate had digits in the sevens. Now there's a motherboard in my cranium, jumbo-tron in the stadium, all for the price of weapons grade uranium. Lately I've been breaking drill bits of fine diamond when I find time to apply my mind and get the kiln firing. Inspiring a singularity with non-android scarcity, disparaging this rarity, airing out it's red herrings. How daring. Give me that wrench, quick, now hurry up and we'll warm to feelings that makes us regret panspermia. Patient stirring, first stitch in a new Asimov tapestry. Is this motion backed by a heartbeat or a battery? The flattery of youths emerging in one's image wasn't lost on 3P0, paralyzed with a shocked visage. Mock submission for a mech suit, post admission of tech seppuku. If only your golem was built in the time it took to wreck you.
Track Name: Harpoon
Drip drop off the leaves, scene set in bamboo, valley overly serene. I held back in quarantine, dejected, just to bide declining time though the pause was pregnant. Freshened up next to a noose and a radio, a thimble of daily quotes, a thinning, half empty gravy boat. Unrelenting, imminent disfigurement drove me back to the hills and from there it's due diligence. Raked my garden till the earth was to my liking, planted Methuselah foundations, bite-sized vines skyward climbing till my last breath. Then they'll blossom in explosions, wither in the winter but harvest returns in vibrant potions. Dine on precocious notions so overdone it's atrocious you approached us selling roaches asking to float encroachment. I ain't an ocean, so no, I'ma leave you hanging, put that spitty hand away there ain't no deal I'm gonna take. Fending off the stakes. I'm an angel to the rodents, sanguine for my diet. Caused a lengthy list of obits. Marrow ritual, the situation superstitious, bitten by a vixen, smitten by the note she had written…

She said don't come back till monsoon season, I'm displeased but read her eyes and leave her side in the evening. Giants drink defeated, got an infallible reason to breathe easy but I'm reeling from this weak, queasy feeling.

Windshield shatters. The pidder padder of the rain gathers momentum, my symptoms simply simmer in a broth of their own tension, I got a tincture for the engines if they'll just bow to remission. I vow to mend fission. Dish out all the life rafts but those who are typecast somehow tend to die last. Colorblind in art class, reared ugly head dysrhythmic. Misanthrope supported by skeleton aging ischemic. A temporary tenant…

…Get a taste of the gale as it roars in, locks twisting with the aerovane blades shorn thin. Trunks bend parallel to whipping sands, bystanders long gone, gave in to the storms demands. Feel the rigid, folded note in my inner jacket pocket, gave a jolt when the lightning sent a bolt to mental sockets. But I'm fine. Just gotta toe the vital line. Echolocation hazy ready to turn on a dime. Fighting for a footstep, stature from a cartoon, archaeological dig fired the harpoon but I can't be stopped, I'll drag them along en route cause she withdrew with the rescue and left me on a pontoon...
Track Name: Ephemeral
Here we got a liquid Lego waterfall. Alms on the pebble beach. Break in the waves where we start to crawl. Back to basics, no Cambrian nuke. Lack of patience, a family fluke. Super mutation retrograded our stasis. Aiming our fatal mistakes in feuding boomerang races. I'm a praying mantis with an ear to the ground, a fearful sound found it's way to a tightly wound, round HQ. Engineered by the paranoid. Care package hid cherubs, arrow tips dipped in steroids. Air show disaster, heavy loss of life not included. Imbue the mood with goody two shoes look-alike gurus who alluded to a withering vestige. Primordial message. Single toe temperature test got through to him with a lesson. Consecrate the heavens, once winding queue now deafened voluntarily in preparation for getting napalm vetted. Assault from orbit. Absorbing a dominant ornament, dormant order courted young, blushing virgins tortuous. If I was a trench coat spy with umbrella, inconspicuous, I'd go on a Mr. G ninja opus cloaked in vengeance insidious. Law of citizen v. minutemen divisions. Admittance of flesh puppets parading blue ribbons. Null to descendants. Amazed that one hand could cheat the other like a late night rendezvous unknown to your lover. Cover me for helicopter hover. Mad dash by fat rats pinned with bills for back taxes. Whack adage seems a disposable passage. S.O.S. from the cold cove with the most baggage.

Greetings from the demolition derby of the ages. Rain and fake wages. Cryptids and mages. No medic willing to get ill and play general but he'll wet his beak on any fix remotely ephemeral. Fan of tourniquets, puff piece journalists, upbeat sermons, and vermin in the tournaments. Swerving in ocean currents inferring head hunter title but you bow to Midas when the sun's down on your bloodhound rival.

Traveler on a canyon route, no ladder in sight even though I was dropped in on an abandoned chute. Heart in my flue. Imparted a crick in the system, departed without leaving even a fortune cookie of wisdom. Defunct prison a symbol for the embolism that with an incision we submitted to a dark schism. You mean it's mortal? Shit, I couldn't tell you that, it might rise from the depths to come and slyly, kindly chew the fat. Beware the blood pact. Animal gut trap. Hannibal reeling in his catch with a gun rack. All so you'd dilute, your subterranean vault unguarded but we left the lock at the landfill where it remains discarded.